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Repo info
    Jan Kopriva
    handleBootstrapSuccess(data) {
    loading: false,
    bootstrap: data.bootstrapResource
    replaceState triggers the other component's componentWillMount(), but the dispatching is not yet finished...
    Vicente de Alencar
    In my understanding, the bootstrap component render function should only return the inner component if this.props.bootstrap has value
    Darío Javier Cravero
    @jankopriva you can probably benefit from the concept of "queries" introduced in Marty a while ago I made an abstraction and reference implementation in Flummox here's how you would use it on a store, how you define the queries, you could then use it from a container or somewhere else
    Daniel Dunderfelt
    Hi! I have an error with my flummox@4-alpha2 and react@0.14-alpha3 setup. When using FluxComponent, Flummox doesn't seem to be able to import a react addon, resulting in this error message: Error loading "npm:react@0.14.0-alpha3/addons/{addon}" at http://localhost:3000/jspm_packages/npm/react@0.14.0-alpha3/addons/{addon}.js
    is this fixable, am I doing soomething wrong, or does Flummox simply not support React 0.14?
    Jan Kopriva
    @dariocravero I have just learned the issue is solved in upcoming version of flummox. If I understand the fix well, the store state update will be emit after the the dispatching ends.
    Anyway the another approach might be to have any other store that needs it to wait For bootstrap store
    Andrey Okonetchnikov
    Hey! I'm wondering what if the most appropriate way to implement Store persisting on the server-side. Should it be in the action or in the store itself? Any articles on this topic?
    Darío Javier Cravero
    @okonet I don't know if there's A way to go about it :) I tend to put call to asynchronous stuff in actions and that includes any persistence to a backend
    Kevin Smith
    @jankopriva: if you're using RR, there's a neat pattern on there docs
    Andrey Okonetchnikov
    Yeah, I'm doing it also in actions for now. But I think it would be cool to add a persistency level which would use serialize and deserialize static methods...
    But this will require a clean separation of data and UI stores I think (which is good after all I think)
    Dragos Tudorache
    guys, in flummox, can i dispatch an action, handle the state update inside the store and then, based on that state, render a component that will trigger another action?
    because in alt(though i'm positive i've missed sometjing) it seems that a store update that modifies the state and then re-triggers another action, will throw an error
    David Hérault
    Hello guys,
    I can't really figure out the difference between static async routerWillRun({ flux }) {//fetch data} and MyComp = connectToStores(MyComp) { //fetch data} in my (smart/stateful) react component, anyone knows? Thanks !
    Jan Kopriva
    @fk1blow I guess that you hit the error that you can't dispatch another action in the middle of dispatch of the previous one?
    Darío Javier Cravero
    Hi @acdlite, I hope you're doing well :) It seems that 4.0 is just around the corner but there are still a good few unresolved issues hanging. Could you use some help in running through them? Also, by seeing your contributions to redux I can imagine that some of those ideas may make it into Flummox too which would be amazing :) Is there any roadmap ideas going forward? Thanks
    Hi @acdlite. On the main page you say "Flummox also gives you the ability to serialize the initial state of your application on the server". I can't find any details or examples of how to send server-side state down to the client and synchronize the store state. Any pointers would be gratefully received . Thanks
    Jamie Rolfs
    @james-s-turner I believe your looking for “serialize/deserialize” here: http://acdlite.github.io/flummox/docs/api/flux
    it’s at the bottom of the page
    Jamie Rolfs
    er, *you’re, how embarrassing
    Oleg Akbarov
    Hey guys! Can anyone advice me proper solution for performing the optimistic updates with vanilla (no immutableJS) flummox?
    Mike Bannister
    right now i think i want an action that dispatches twice, once immediately and once after an async process takes place. is that legit or is there some better way to handle this? this isn't about a loading indicator or anything it's just that one store is interested in the initial data and another is interested in data that is fetched based on the initial data.
    i need help on the
    on of my project can any one help me
    i am using the flummox
    for data rendering from JSON data into grid
    can any one help me resolve this issue
    my action and store is working fine i am not able to get what mistake i did
    Jaroslaw Zabiello
    Is this channel also for Redux?
    Craig Beck
    I have an AuthStore that holds the current api tokens required, is there an elegant way to keep this within the Action methods? (i.e. access store for current key) or is there some other recommended way? I'd rather not pollute all action calls with apiToken param and additional dependency on AuthAtore in every place invoking an action
    Jonathan Stanton
    Does anyone know if Flummox works with react 0.14?
    Seb Insua
    Does anybody have a good step-by-step guide on rewriting a project from Flummox to Redux?
    Jonathan Stanton
    @acdlite I seem to have issues accessing refs when a compnent is wrapped in FlummoxComponent is this a known issue?
    Jonathan Stanton
    Ah yes FluxComponent uses "React.addons.cloneWithProps" which does not transfer props
    they should be using "React.cloneElement" which preserves everything
    Andrey Okonetchnikov
    @JAStanton do you have a working solution for React 0.14?
    Otherwise I could create a PR
    @acdlite are there any plans about supporting React 0.14 in 0.3.x?
    William Stein
    @okonet - I just ran into this too. I'm trying to decide whether to fork Flummox and try to fix these issues or rewrite my code to use Redux. Sending pull requests doesn't work, since there are currently 23 open pull requests against flummox right now :-( https://github.com/acdlite/flummox/pulls
    Andrey Okonetchnikov
    I'll be forking it as well. Rewriting is not an option ATM
    That's pity @acdlite does not care about his baby anymore... Probably a new maintainer should took it over than? I think lots of people are depending on this stuff right now.
    Yuri Sizov
    Is it safe to say, that this project is more or less dead now? If @acdlite is preoccupied with other projects, then he should let somebody to take over. Flummox is still wastly used and needs at least to be updated for React 0.14.
    William Stein
    @pycbouh +1.
    Hi there
    oh wow, last activity in october?
    i'll give it a try anyways i guess. does anybody have experience with using flummox with preact? I have set it up like <FluxComponent flux={flux}><App /></FluxComponent> as the outermost component and deeper down i have <FluxComponent connectToStore={'xyz'}>...</FluxComponent>. xyz is in flux._stores, but the componen wrapped by the connectToStore component can't access it. any idea?