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Rodrigo Menezes
I'm seeing an error on the webhook when not using mcollective
Zack Smith
@brdude whats the error?
hi All, does the module allow not managing the installation? asking because of Puppet Enterpise 4 and it's pre-packaged r10k
as i can't find a parameter to "turn it off"
Hi. I have puppet 4.2 running. mcollective and r10k were installed manually and are working. I'm trying to get just the mco plugin installed using 'include r10k::mcollective'. It installed and created this but I still get this error
got it to work (kinda) now. Apparently you need a folder named 'mcollective' inside the libdir, so it stays like this /opt/puppetlabs/mcollective/plugins/mcollective/agent

but now, when this is happening (sorry, this is my first attempt to user r10k with mcollective on puppet 4.2)
mco rpc r10k synchronize -v
Discovering hosts using the mc method for 2 second(s) .... 0

No request sent, we did not discover any nodes.

this is the cause: "DEBUG -- : agents.rb:67:in `loadagent' Not activating agent r10k due to agent policy in activate? method"
if anyone knows how to make that plugin work on mcollective 2.8.6 please let me know :)
all my fault :)
I set the binary paths on profile.d files, which are ignored by non-interactive shells, so it was not able to find the path of r10k