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    Wondering if you can suggest anything else I check - Stopped receiving data from my Access about 2 days ago. The Access is online, and receiving data from the sensors, and the "server" is set to the IP Address for the Acuparse server....
    I did a power cycle on the Access, and also did a factory reset on the Access and validated that the server is still set to to the IP Address for the Acuparse server on the local network.
    Maxwell Power
    Replied in the issue. If you want to troubleshoot with a box in the cloud, let me know. Can discuss here in a PM or in the issue.
    Hi. New Ubuntu install fresh from this morning. The install went pretty flawlessly, but it won't display live data. I think I know why. On the Sensor settings page, I put in the MAC address of the Access. However, I cannot locate the 5 in 1 Station ID. I looked on the outside of the 5 in 1 unit and inside the battery compartment, and it's not in either place. If I sign-in to MyAcurite, they only show me the MAC for the Access, but not the station ID. Do any of you know where I can find it?
    I don't know how many users have a USB camera instead of IP based. For those that do, it's easy to comment out the wget command that gets the data from an IP camera, and use fswebcam instead to capture an image. I tested and it works good.
    Been 24 hours, I really like it. I see why Maxwell, that you have yours set to capture images every 15 minutes. I put my cronjob every minute as it's how I had setup my standalone webcam to do smoother timelapses. However, convert is really CPU intensive when trying to stitch up 1000+ images into a .gif towards the end of the day. Got several alerts CPU core temperature above threshold LOL. I commented out the convert for now. I might move it to a separate job and just run it once at the end of the day. Something I've been meaning to do on my standalone, but never got around to it is to start the timelapse 1 hour before sunrise and stop one hour after. Now that I have that data, I might experiment more with that. You opened up a new world to me.
    Did I setup something wrong? My weather archive is showing the same data as during the first couple of hours before my PWS data got picked up. It's showing lots data for December 31st, 20:00. Check: https://weather.patenteux.page/archive