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Jan 2017
Julien Goudet 
Jan 03 2017 09:42 UTC
ahoy Adam and Happy New Year
I will use your framework for longpolling stuff, if i have any questions, i will let you know, btw thank you for this great framework
Julien Goudet 
Jan 03 2017 16:21 UTC
Hello @adamhartford
I'm using Swift 3 and integrate SwiftR through cocoapod
do you have any idea why, after a import SwiftR, i can't have access to the init of SignalR object (it's telling me "SignalR" initializer is inaccessible due to internal protection level )
Adam Hartford
Jan 03 2017 17:13 UTC
The latest CocoaPods version is behind the current master branch. API has changed, but not been pushed to CocoaPods yet. I'd suggest either pointing your pod to the master branch, or using the older version of the README from the SwiftR page at