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May 2015
Adam Warski
May 12 2015 10:39
@slomo that's a very good question and I think currently it's not supported. The main problem is that you would like to have some parameters of a component automatically wired, and this causes two issues:
  1. how would you determine which parameters should be provided automatically, and which should be provided by hand?
  2. how would you provide the parameters which a have to provided manually? preferrably in an IDE-friendly way?
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integration with typesafe-config would be possible for sure ... maybe something like this:
  • there should be a single dependency of type Config available
  • any parameters marked with with a config path (*) would be looked up in the config
now there's the question on how you would mark those parameters - with an annotation? but then, what about e.g. default values? any ideas? :)