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Sep 2015
Jisoo Park
Sep 23 2015 02:40
Have anyone used Macwire 2.0 with Play 2.4? I tried to update but it fails with the following errors:
[error] /home/guersam/workspace/github/macwire/examples/play24/app/com/softwaremill/play24/AppApplicationLoader.scala:36: Found multiple values of type [slick.driver.H2Driver.api.Database]: [List(db, db)]
[error]   val seed = wire[Seed]
[error]                  ^
[error] /home/guersam/workspace/github/macwire/examples/play24/app/com/softwaremill/play24/AppApplicationLoader.scala:31: Cannot find a value of type: [String]
[error]   lazy val router: Router = wire[Routes] withPrefix "/"
[error]                                 ^
[error] two errors found
[error] (compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed
It seems that macwire 2.0
  • recognizes overridden (abstract) member as another value
  • does not take secondary constructors into account (even if it's annotated with @javax.inject.Inject())
Jisoo Park
Sep 23 2015 02:47
Just opened adamw/macwire#82