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Apr 2016
Matt Leathes
Apr 11 2016 09:23
@hmaffin you're not the only person getting this
I suspect the answer to this is 'no' but thought I'd check: can the authoring tool handle a property of type 'array' if the array values are just primitive data types like string, number, boolean?
generally arrays always seem to contain objects in adapt
Apr 11 2016 10:25
@moloko, arrays of strings are supported as of v0.1.6 (adaptlearning/adapt_authoring#994)
Matt Leathes
Apr 11 2016 10:34
excellent, thanks @tomgreenfield
Tom Taylor
Apr 11 2016 11:23
Have submitted a PR for #1110: adaptlearning/adapt_authoring#1131 … if anyone’s free to test
Helen Bailey
Apr 11 2016 12:16
Hi @all - @brian-learningpool 's suggestion of deleting the build folder and then previewing again worked for the imsmanifest error issue above
I will post it on the forum
@dancgray I always use the very latest version ;)
@moloko thanks I'll update the forum for those others