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Aug 2017
Tom Taylor
Aug 30 2017 07:34
@MarioGAlmonte_twitter many thanks! looks good :)
Assume that the develop version is up-to-date and correct
Louise McMahon
Aug 30 2017 08:04
thanks @taylortom
Mario G. Almonte
Aug 30 2017 08:46
Hi @taylortom . Develop version #1716 ES-APPLICATION file are 100% up-to-date and checked in a live current develop frontend version. Some long spanish strings have been shortened (abbreviations) to fit in the buttons/layout space. A consistent style have been done. Only I can't check out those strings are not present in develop files yet. I'm following develop branch and updating ES translation ;)
Tom Taylor
Aug 30 2017 09:12
Many thanks @MarioGAlmonte_twitter, we’ll look at getting those in asap
Brian Quinn
Aug 30 2017 12:02
hi @taylortom, something which came up on the framework call just now was whether to bump the version number of the framework to a v3 alpha/beta
off the top of your head do you know of any problems this might cause the authoring tool?
Tom Taylor
Aug 30 2017 12:34
I’d imagine it’d allow the update to happen — don’t think we have anything in the code to stop particular types of releases
the version checking is a bit buggy atm anyway I think
Aug 30 2017 13:56
Does anyone know how to downgrade framework versions? Ever since I upgraded, my courses wont preview anymore
Louise McMahon
Aug 30 2017 14:46
I raised an issue a while back for code to limit AT framework versions adaptlearning/adapt_authoring#1703 as their is none currently
Mark D'Aquin
Aug 30 2017 16:10
What the best way to handle block and page backgrounds in the authoring tool?
Oliver Foster
Aug 30 2017 16:14
@liunatraining what's the error you're getting in the browser console?
if we can't downgrade you, we might at least be able to offer a fix