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Sep 2017
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 13 2017 12:23
Hi All,
do anyone have accordion kind of menu plugin?
when we click on accordion item, menu items should be available?
Tom Taylor
Sep 13 2017 12:41
Link to my install/update changes: adaptlearning/adapt_authoring#1726
@canstudios-louisem @canstudios-nicolaw @dancgray
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 13 2017 15:57
Hey guys,
i have my model.schema file as below
And, i want to access "accordionTitle" inside the highlighed 'accordionMenu'
please suggest me how to access that.
i am new to the handlebars js
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 13 2017 16:24
guys, anyone can help me out?
Sep 13 2017 16:26
but you will need to update it to accordionMenu
which would be accordionTitle in your example