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Sep 2017
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 20 2017 08:26
I am still working on @taylortom
i am facing a problem in saving images to the db
i have updated the model.schema of block part as below.
it got reflected in AT interface as below.
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 20 2017 08:31
i was also able to upload the image
but after i save, i came back to this page again, but i don't see like the image is uploaded. I am able to see the 'Select an Asset' button instead.
i have done updates in many model.schema for components as well as in course level. i have never faced this kind of issue before. Can anyone @all
suggest what could be the issue?
Muthu Pandiyan
Sep 20 2017 10:22
anyone knows the reason?
Tom Taylor
Sep 20 2017 13:29
@Muthughilli_twitter you’ll have to add your new attributes to the whitelist
Not everything’s allowed by default