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Oct 2017
Oct 02 2017 07:52

Morning @oliverfoster , as far as I am aware the last thing we need for the 0.4.0 tool release is adaptlearning/adapt_authoring#1726 but I'm not sure what state it is in currently.

@taylortom is this ready for testing?

Oliver Foster
Oct 02 2017 09:11
thanks @canstudios-nicolaw
I was wondering as much about the v0.3.0 AT instances that will break when Framework v3 goes live
if there are any mitigations communicated or in place
Tom Taylor
Oct 02 2017 15:06
Apologies @canstudios-nicolaw @canstudios-louisem @dancgray, was off on Friday
The branch should be ready for more testing
Dan Gray
Oct 02 2017 15:36
:+1: thanks @taylortom