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Feb 2018
Feb 27 2018 11:25

Hi, could someone explain why we need these four options in the AT on every page, article, block and component?
Is this optional?
Is this available?
Is this hidden?
Is this visible?

The help doesnt really explain the need for all four?

Oliver Foster
Feb 27 2018 15:29
Ahh, well, I'm glad you ask, because we probably don't in most use cases... but for edge cases, these options are sometimes useful
Oliver Foster
Feb 27 2018 15:31
Optional = True, doesn't count to course completion (as per wiki)
Available = False, doesn't render and doesn't count to course completion
Hidden = true, rendererd but display: none
Visible = false, rendered but visibility: hidden
Them's the kind of options you wish were available sometimes.
Feb 27 2018 15:40
optional is great ... however i usually only use it on component level
Feb 27 2018 15:56
Thanks, I understand the need for the first two - I cant understand why you would want the last two which i think came in with 0.4.x.
Two ways to render hidden content?
I worry this kind of stuff makes the AT very cluttered and confusing.
Oliver Foster
Feb 27 2018 16:08
it's more a case of exposing all of the properties available rather than selectively picking out the bits we think are necessary
i agree that it's cluttered, but i think that's a UI issue rather than a problem caused by the addition of two extra properties
Feb 27 2018 17:53
I guess it’s a question of what is the point of the tool. This is exposing two css properties which can already be controlled with classes. If we expose “all the properties available” of the same type we make a tool with more css than Adapt properties.
I guess you could have a design/css extension - which could gradually support more properties with appropriate UI components