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Feb 2018
Feb 28 2018 02:07
Is there any way to change the ID of the component as it's reported back to the relative LMS?
John Niezen
Feb 28 2018 15:22
@all anyone tried to modify the narrative to allow video by any chance?
or is it "easy" to be done by a "non" programmer
Lewis Jackson
Feb 28 2018 15:23
Hi there, would someone be able to provide a step by step on how to wrap the authoring site in an SSL cert using apache? We have the site already setup but we are now in need to use a SSL cert. Any help wuold be greatly appreciated.
Dan Gray
Feb 28 2018 16:49
Hi @SupposedlyImMe_twitter. Not used the authoring tool with apache, we use nginx. You could use Certbot to deploy a Let’s Encrypt cert. They have apache instructions.
Not sure if its production ready though.
Oliver Foster
Feb 28 2018 17:10
@johnniezen it's not easy depending on your requirements, totally doable
the main issues are uniform UI controls, as you probably should just use native video tags. that also means ie11+
and stopping the video from playing if not the active item
subtitles are your next problem as support is pretty variable