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Sep 2017
Nils Sanderson
Sep 20 2017 15:35
Hi folks, ok so I have combined the core with vanilla stuff and am working off the box menu and an empty theme atm. The builder is building the courses fine but I am going to start testing with different plugins and themes (in theory shouldnt be a problem as everything should be an addition, however I am guessing some plugins are relying on a theme for some things - which i will need to sort).
I have put some code up here: if you get time, please have a look through and comment.
I have not as yet went through with a fine comb and sorted all duplicates and such but the majority of the files were not bad for combining code.
I have left a distinct break in the files where there was a merge of code from theme and core. I do intend to go through all of this and strip it all back to the bare minimum but I know that @oliverfoster you are very familiar with this all and can probably kickstart it all in the right direction.