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Repo info
Lonny Gomes
@svincemt I usually end up using live reload from grunt vs using the live preview built into Brackets. Were you trying to integrate grunt with Brackets built in live preview mode?
Federico Zivolo
hey guys, is it better Slack or Gitter?
Adri Van Houdt
depends on what you want to do
hey guys… I just cloned the brackets repo to try to get things running locally and ran into some issues. I ran npm install; grunt build; and pointed a MAMP virtual server to the generated dist folder. Came close but getting this error in console: /utils/NodeConnection.js:88 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function. Is there another way that I should be trying to run this locally?
Martin Zagora
you need to build a brackets-shell (has its own repo) to run brackets, you can't run it using mamp and browser as far as I know
ah that makes sense. Thanks.
Ole Kröger
Has someone problems using the registry site at the moment? I want to register a new extension which isn't directly part of my personal GitHub account, instead it's a teamwork (organization work).
hi all, curious is there a way by which i can set a particular port for live preview?
my app is using localstorage and i'm not able to make perfect sense of it because with ever restart, the port changes
notice this push but slightly confused as to how to use it though: adobe/brackets#6815
would be fantastic to get an answer :-)
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
is there any good extension for xslt in brackets?
I have an issue with brackets . Somehow (by accidental press of a shortcut I assume), the left brackets sidebar is hidden automatically when I focus on the editor and appears only when I click on the very left of the screen, where the sidebar used to be present. I do not know how to revert this behavior and I understand that some people consider it a feature but for me is annoying and unproductive. Any ideas how to make the sidebar always visible? Thanks
By sidebar I mean the project explorer and the working files
Ok I just found the solution. Sidebar plus extension enables such behavior and can be triggered by pressing Ctrl+Alt+H
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
in these days we could say - there's an extension for that :smiley:
yeah right:) Brackets is mainly the host for many extensions to create your own IDE experience
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
true that. btw. any issue is for github repo, this is merely a chat room.
I know, but it is not an issue per say. More like a -annoying to me- feature so I wanted to get any help if possible from brackets community.
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
it's pretty quiet around here, tho. :yum:
Noticed that! :)
Marcel Gerber
That's because we switched our main conversation - and you can actually call it conversation, not like here where there are 5 messages a month - to Slack. Go to https://brackets-slack.herokuapp.com/ to join!
Peter Flynn
@DimitrK you can customize your keyboard shortcuts to disable that shortcut - see https://github.com/adobe/brackets/wiki/User-Key-Bindings
and yeah, I'll see if there'a a way to add a 'deprecation' notice to this chat room...
Huy N
Hi everybody :)
И привет.
Martin Zagora
Hi guys, the community has moved to Slack -> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/brackets-dev/6HLwzQwjQXA
Federico Bucchi
Hello all
Max Chernin
this community isn't active?
Ingo Richter
Either use the google groups or the slack channel
uses slack more
I wish they would just move here but hey if you cannot beat them join them
where are the fast enter keys?
so far, l just know the copy one row to the next
can anybody advice for me smart autocomplete extension for js different module systems?
@Kotsuba hi
Heyo, is there an extension / way to make softwrapped code adhere to tabs? ie. not have hanging indents?
AJ Moore
This message was deleted
Hi everyone
I need help on Adobe LiveCycle designer scripting
could any plugin help me to divide the brackets into three column view
Graham Williams
@cdll Would this help at all? https://github.com/lkcampbell/brackets-ruler