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where are the fast enter keys?
so far, l just know the copy one row to the next
can anybody advice for me smart autocomplete extension for js different module systems?
@Kotsuba hi
Heyo, is there an extension / way to make softwrapped code adhere to tabs? ie. not have hanging indents?
AJ Moore
This message was deleted
Hi everyone
I need help on Adobe LiveCycle designer scripting
could any plugin help me to divide the brackets into three column view
Graham Williams
@cdll Would this help at all? https://github.com/lkcampbell/brackets-ruler
@GrayW oh thanks~got it~
oh i dont think that s what
i need
Rahul Nayak
I'm using Brackets for writing code. The live preview button is opening the preview in edge browser when I want it to open in preferable chrome. Searched on internet but couldn't find much.
any idea?
:point_up: 5 juin 2016 00:02 find Debug -> Open Preference Files -> Brackets.json. Set "livedev.multibrowser": true, to false. Also uncheck Files -> Enable Experimental Live Preview.
Oleg Proskurin
Hi everyone!
Is there good eslint for brackets wich support React jsx??
Anybody home?
Aleksandar Pirkovic
hello all
pravesh kumar shukla
hello all , I am new to Here how do I start contributing,please guide me
hello all
M. Alexander Perez
is brackets-shell basically 'repackaged' nodejs ?
Vladimir Rodríguez
Thomas Mullen
Has anyone written automated tests for a Brackets extension before? Especially with a CI like Travis? I have a project that is getting uncomfortably complex without unit tests.
Randy Edmunds
@RationalCoding I added unit tests to my Quick Markup extension: https://github.com/redmunds/brackets-quick-markup
They show up in the Extensions tab of Brackets test runner dialog
Thomas Mullen
@redmunds Looks promising. Does Brackets recognize the unittests.js filename and load it as tests automatically?
Randy Edmunds
@RationalCoding Yes, file must be named unittests.js and be in root folder of your extension.
Thomas Mullen
Ok. Thanks @redmunds
Shubham Battoo
Faith Wallace
Does anyone know how to change the colors of the tags? When I updated Brackets, the colors for the tags all changed, and they are too light. Thanks.
Thomas Mullen
As an extension developer, what it the correct way to set the value of documents and mute any "You have unsaved changes" warnings
refreshText? setValue with the master editor? write to the file?
Mauro Tschiedel
Friends....i am tring to use synapse and define a specific folder to save the opened files, but not have sucess to find solution...
Joseph Eprim
Hey All! So I am brand new to web development and I am trying to create a project website using Brackets. However, with Live Preview on, the html file works but nothing seems to work with the css file. Hopefully this makes sense.
Andrei Curelaru
Hi @josepheprim . First link your css page to your html with <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="main.css"> within your <head>. Otherwise they are just separate and unrelated files. The browser will display only the html file with styles updated acording to what you say in main.css
Is there any channel for adobe incopy/indesign?
or anybody that might know where can get help?
Kseniya Lifanova
anyone have this issue when trying to download a ddf
Error: the document is damaged and cannot be repaired. Adobe Reader could not open because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded).