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    offtopic: please help..how to scramble data using key. for example i got a string of length n and key of length m ..how to scramble n using m = k. and it must work in reverse ..example.. deriving m by using n with k .. i'm not talking about encryption.
    Hi All, is there a way the linux dash can be used to monitor multiple raspberry PIs that are running the same daemon script (service)?
    Hi all
    I want to monitor(cpu,ram and disk space) remote linux servers which has username and password? Can I use this script for same? If not please suggest me one. thanks in advance!
    Santosh Kumar Bachar
    hello everyone ! I'm stuck into a very nasty linux apt problem. I've tried everything but still... I'm unable to update or upgrade or anything... Just it's giving me some stupid errors and even after deleting the sources.list file, it's just get me back to the same spot again. Please help.
    Anyone have an example of a form post action like sending a reboot command for this linux-dash project?
    Xin Li
    @DjRakso I use supervisor to manage linux-dash process, you can restart and tail log by this.
    Hi, I just installed linux-dash on a hardkernel hc2 computer: works almost out of the box with node.js. However some diplayed data are nonsense - the Oxynos 8 core CPU was recognized as Intel i5, the clock freq is wrong etc. Are the dash information really reliable ?
    So I've got the dash running on RHEL7 and apache/php, but the data returned is demo data and not live data from my host. How do I fix this?
    nevermind - I needed to go to linux-dash/app
    Mac Rong
    Hi Friends
    I am planning to host web based server monitoring
    i need help on this.
    want to know is there any opensource available with source code for custmaization
    hi all
    i'm new with linux-dash
    please it's possible to monitoring multiple server with linux-dash or juste single server

    Hello guys,

    is there anybody who use this dashboard on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian?

    I'm not sure if it would work there and if i have to adjust the shell / phyton scripts and the other stuff.

    Has anybody testet it? :D


    What is the meaning of "all linux-dash installations be protected via a security measure of your choice"?

    A) What is not secure there?
    B) Which security methods should I use?
    C) Which authentication method would you prefer and why?

    "restrict access to your IP, add webserver password based security, or use other network based restrictions" What do you mean with other network based restriction @afaqurk ? How can I do this? :)
    The GUI is so complicated with the xxx AngularJS to add a own module o_O
    how can linux dash be used with multiple servers but with one end point? Something like monitor.google.com/servername (with each servername displaying server statistics)
    Hi, can you help me? I have set up dash to my server. But it has just demo graph on Network, RAM and CPU.
    Matthew Philogene
    Hi. I would like to know if a restart is neccessary for the script to work. I see the name of the demo server is listed on our one. Please assist. Thanks
    Lennart Bernhardt
    Heyho, is there any chance of running this in a docker container, or does it have to run natively to get all the info needed?
    Mohith Chowdary
    guys I need your help. I'm trying to install kali Linux on dual boot.I'm getting '' the failing step is install the System'" error. gone through debug logs it is showing some input not specified.
    is there any way to fix this problem
    ajay yadav
    any one tell how to download folder from server to local using terminal ??
    use scp
    I use pm2 to run linux-dash, its very simple
    to use
    Hi, it is possible to have a much more readble bytes on network stats? I am not so good with awk :\
    this dash is very useful, thanks for the work!
    I open an issue in github, bye and thanks
    Mori Bellamy
    does linux-dash require sudo to run? or will it work if i run it as a custom unpriviliged user?
    Hi, The linux-dash after running takes the demo.js ( & fetches the demo data ) even when the server is running.
    Anybody has idea what could be wrong?
    hi guys
    what is vagrant how it is useful?
    Hey there - for some reason my newly updated (re-installed) linux-dash is just showing the demo server info instead of my actual server info - any ideas?

    Turns out I was pointing to the linux-dash root instead of the linux-dash/app directory (it changed between versions).

    But now ram and avg cpu load isn't working

    I made a fork with simple authentication for NodeJs.
    If anyone is interesting you can see it here https://github.com/bozjator/linux-dash
    Devang Nathwani
    Can we add other clients/servers? and can monitor services?
    Hello guys! I am new with linux dash...
    I have installed it but it show demo info... anyone can help me?
    hi guys, i just install it on my server, anyone can help me to config some info like mysql, nginx,.. etc??? please