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Repo info
    Anybody has idea what could be wrong?
    hi guys
    what is vagrant how it is useful?
    Hey there - for some reason my newly updated (re-installed) linux-dash is just showing the demo server info instead of my actual server info - any ideas?

    Turns out I was pointing to the linux-dash root instead of the linux-dash/app directory (it changed between versions).

    But now ram and avg cpu load isn't working

    I made a fork with simple authentication for NodeJs.
    If anyone is interesting you can see it here
    Devang Nathwani
    Can we add other clients/servers? and can monitor services?
    Hello guys! I am new with linux dash...
    I have installed it but it show demo info... anyone can help me?
    hi guys, i just install it on my server, anyone can help me to config some info like mysql, nginx,.. etc??? please
    Rohit Nazareth
    is anyone getting 'top: unknown option 'l'
    ^ when running
    Rohit Nazareth
    nvm I figured it out
    Matt Hiscock
    Hi all, before i dive in, i want something which I can get (or it sends) basic serve r info (cpu, ram, space) so I can create a custom dashboard for 'many servers' on TV - does Linux Dash do that in a nice way?
    Matt Hiscock
    Some sort of json feed would be epic - or just store in a DB etc
    Matt Hiscock
    dead room?
    Hal MacLean
    @gbuz-tech what you do is add 'app' to your URL:
    @moribellamy it doesn't appear to need sudo, no. I've installed it a week or so ago, added it to a website and call it from a URL. No issues.
    Gavin Parker
    Anyone help with this issue, tried re-installing several times no joy. Usuing Ubuntu 18.04 here is screen shot of whats going wrong.
    my server showing less memory than real
    Hi guys, I have clone repository on ubuntu but when open app in web browser in log I view /websocket request fail 400 and in console javascrpt there are erros parse json so CPU Usage list is empty
    hello, is it recommended to run linux-dash as a separate user?
    the redis app is not showing
    anyone can assist?