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    Mario Castaldo
    Hi everyone
    Nguyen Huy Duc
    Can i ask you a question about contiki
    i've just studied about contiki for 2 month. Now I have a issue about border-router that : when i try run border-router with TSCH and run tunslip to connect border-router with my computer, i can't ping to border-router when i use zoul, but i can ping to it when i use Z1. Anyone know what happen @@. Tks in advance

    Hello everybody,
    I am Ophélie I am in engineering school specialized in industry and as part of my studies I do a research internship.
    I am doing my internship at the Technical University of Cluj in the computer science department.
    My subject is the establishment of a wireless sensor network in a warehouse (not a concrete realization but only simulation) with the objective of setting up various sensors.
    At the beginning I did a documentary research to learn a little more, I then opted for a JN5168 which supports the microcontroller with the radio module respecting zigbee and IEEE802.15.4 with that I had chosen 3 sensors on zigbee which allowed a wifi communication.
    I also had to learn the routing protocol and security that I want to implement .
    After that my teacher told me to use Cooja de contiki to simulate this device.
    However I have not a big level in computer science and I am a beginner in WSN and cooja. Moreover my teacher is not able to help me.

    I find myself alone in this course which is important for me because it will allow me to spend in the last year of engineering school.
    That's why I am writing to you today to ask for help because I am desperate.

    so please can anyone help me?
    thank you very much for giving me their help.

    I have a question to ask help
    I know how to implement flooding communication in the rime protocol stack, but I want to know if flooding can be achieved in the IPV6 protocol stack, because I have not found any papers or codes for flooding in IPV6.please help me if you know how.
    In RPL,I realized node-to-node communication in storing mode, but when I set #define WITH_NON_STORING 1 in project-conf.h, it could not be realized in non-storing mode,the destination node can get the message. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem in point-to-point communication under the non-storing mode?If anyone knows the reason, please help me