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    Rich Alesi
    Is this active? I don't see any discussion here.
    Joe DF
    there is some activity in the org. chat, but otherwise we usually just stick to the forums :/
    Damon Harris
    @ralesi The IRC Channel in freenode is more active than this... (Although most of it is off-topic discussion).
    hello guys, anyone here?
    Shawn Brooker
    I'll try hanging out here if it means I can get away from the annoying bots and games on IRC.

    How to trigger custom hotkey with ahk

    I defined a hotkey #c, and it work fine with real keyboard or win 10 touch keyboard, but cannot trigger by the following ahk:

    ^!c::send {LWin Down}{c}{LWin Up}

    I found if the Win key is win10 system’s hotkey, it can trigger by ahk:

    ^!c::send {LWin Down}{r}{LWin Up}

    What should I do?

    Shawn Brooker
    Unlike FileMove, copying a file onto itself is always counted as an error, even if the overwrite mode is in effect. Ugh
    @ChenWeird Sorry I dunno much about hotkeys but if you wanna do the same thing in two places it might be a good idea to make a function to practice DRY coding and make it more portable for your other hotkeys.