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Repo info
    anyone there? I'm having issues pointing to custom config that I created in my project. Need the ability to point to a config file in the project so the rest of the team can have it when they download it from the repo. It seems to always point to the default file no matter what. can anyone help?
    Ahmed are you there?
    Ahmed Nuaman
    yo yo
    I need a batman symbol for this
    Jerónimo Carrizo
    Hi, I am started to using this grunt task, but when I execute the task, never found any file :(

    Running "scsslint:all" (scsslint) task
    Running scss-lint on all

    0 files are lint free
    Results have been written to: scss-lint-report.xml

    all the time the same, I change all the variation of the path in the task but nothing happend.
    Tom Bremer
    What does your grunt file look like?
    Jerónimo Carrizo
    Sorry I forget to mention that I solved the problem. I just put the configuration on my my .scss-lint.yml (where I have the scss files) in the same place of my Gruntfile.js
    the property is: scss_files: 'src/js/*/.scss'
    I cann't do this work throught my grant task csslint, where I put the following:

    module.exports = {

    cscsslint: {
        allFiles: [
            '<%= srcDir %>/js/**/**.scss'
        options: {
            bundleExec: false,
            config: '.scss-lint.yml',
            reporterOutput: 'scss-lint-report.xml',
            colorizeOutput: false,
            maxBuffer: 300 * 1024


    NOTE: I put all differnet convination in the place that I put <%= srcDir %> , and nothing work :(
    I only can resolve the problem, just puting the configuration in the .scss-lint.yml that I mentioned before.
    Any other suggestion?
    Ahmed Nuaman
    Yo sorry
    gitter needs better notificaitons
    Ahmed Nuaman
    Yeah so in the latest build I've removed default scss-lint.yml
    so it's only optional now
    will push a new version soon
    Ahmed Nuaman
    all pushed 0.3.5
    Luciano Redondo
    Hi guys
    anyone that can help with a css animation to a poor minded developer with his neck on the line?
    Luciano Redondo