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Repo info
    Pramod Solanky
    Hey guys
    I'm running through an issue.
    I have a schema file which has string field as a data type. When I try to index my data in solr, all fields like boolean and integers get indexed while string and text dont
    im using solr 5.5.3
    Derek Hardison
    Is there a way to parse Solr search responses into a POJO using something like Jackson instead of the Solr documents?
    nevermind my terminology is off - I think I found what I was looking for with a bean
    Yasset Perez-Riverol
    Hi does anyone know how to add default fields into my queryhandler using the Solr API?
    Hi all
    Does anybody knows why enum types are converting as String? And I didn't find any way to use ordinals. I see it in this commit
    Eugene Sleptsov
    Hi all, please tell me if there is a way to flatten complex json structure using Spring Data Solr. Original structure example, declared solr schema fields and POJO are available at the Pastebin.
    Tried to add custom converter for Map<?, ?> --> SolrInputDocument but that didn't work
    Spring Data Solr ver 4.2.2 RELEASE, SolrJ forced to 8.6.0
    Hello Team
    I have a kerberized solr. With plain java code I can connect to solr using below code

    set system properties for krb5 /jass app.

    create krb5hhtpbuilder and solrhhtpbuilder
    and then get solr client

    howver with spring data solr can someone suggets how can I connect to kerberized solr