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Ep Inn
Is it possible to combine aiopg.create_pool and aiopg.sa.create_engine? I want to access to sqlalchemy queries/results as well as using features only available in the base API like aiopg.connection.Connection.notifies.
Kay Khan
Hey can someone point me to an example of protecting a single route with basic auth?
Should i be using a middleware for this or the expect_handler?
Kay Khan
What the differnece between AppRunner and ServerRunner? https://docs.aiohttp.org/en/stable/web_advanced.html#application-runners should i be using this AppRunner for production deployments of my api rather than # web.run_app()
4 replies
help me, please.It's ProxyPoo
Having some trouble with aio docker getting an error with RuntimeError: Session is closed
Could someone help me troubleshoot this? Not really sure what I'm doing wrong and the error isn't super descriptive.
Joseph Tobing
Hello. Is there any other documentation/tutorial of deploying aiohttp with nginx? I'm planning to deploy but besides pointers from the aiohttp documentation deployment page, I didn't find anything else. Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks.
Angus Waller
Hey everyone, great library by the way! Just wondering if it’s possible to get some documentation on DB pool recycling, as I only found out It exists by reading through the library. What does the -1 represent and what is a appropriate value if I want to recycle connections?
I was referring to aioodbc by the way, seems like this room has multiple contexts
You can deploy you aiohttp with gunicorn +nginx. You can configure aiohttp worker type in gunicorn. Please refer the documentation https://docs.aiohttp.org/en/stable/deployment.html#nginx-gunicorn
You just have to configure proxy_pass in nginx, Google search can give you lots of examples, just refer this page https://gist.github.com/soheilhy/8b94347ff8336d971ad0
Hi, I've started to use aioodbc recently, where could I find info on implemented methods from pyodbc? Are there any docs available? I was trying to use cursor.execute('select count(*) from users').fetchval(), but it doesn't work, unfortunately
Hmm, hello?
Ajay Gupta
I want to use aiojobs for running background tasks like calling another service for sending emails, SMS etc. Not sure show to implement this with aiohttp.
await spawn(request, coro())
this wraps the complete handler as a background tasks, is their a subtle example for making a single function which does some heavylifting and then sends emails and also runs in background
not in the same event loop
Joongi Kim
due to recent release of Chrome to enforce the new secure/smasite cookie behavior, i think we need to release aiohttp 3.6.3 or 3.7, since it’s already patched in the master
@asvetlov do you have any plans for release? what’s the blocking issue for the release?
Jonas Krüger Svensson
Anyone know if there a reason the PRs don't get reviewed?
Stéphane Wirtel
Missing time
Miha Jenko

Hi, I was making a custom MultiPart form-data request and got a 502 (it's either nginx or Apache, so standard).
Commenting out this line was what made the request successful:

Is this covered by some standard?

it looks weird but a standard
Miha Jenko
RFC 5987 chapter 4.2 Error Handling, says: "many implementations failed to ignore the form they do not understand, or prioritize the ASCII form although the extended syntax was present."
I'll look into the server, first. But it might be useful to add an option or detection to helpers.content_disposition_headerwhether to encode the field value or not. In my case, it was an ASCII string. Also, curl didn't encode it.
Hello guys, anyone knows how I could define a specific IP address (as destination) when using the aiohttp client?
Alex Grönholm
@thierrylaval do you mean you want to check the server certificate against a different host name?
I mean, otherwise just enter the ip address as the host name?
Justin Turner Arthur
@thierrylaval the only way I know of to override the IP address for a host you pass in the URL is to supply a custom resolver to the TCPConnector you use for your session. Format | Examples
For anybody looking for an async redis library for python, check out https://github.com/tzickel/justredis
Justin Turner Arthur
Neat, @tzickel. Do you happen to have auto-reconnect support?
@JustinTArthur What do you mean by auto-reconnect ?
Justin Turner Arthur
@tzickel I mean if the TCP connection is severed, if there’s an option to continue using the same Redis connection object while reconnect is attempted in the background. No worries if not, but can be a useful feature to have for long-running services.
it depends on how you use it, the default usage is backed by a connection pool, so if a connection in the pool is severed than yes, it will detect it, dispose of it, let the user know, and the next command to the connection pool will use a new connection
wraptile How do you create session with specific cookies?
wraptile posted an image: image.png
wraptile the docs here are incorrect as dict is invalid type
wraptile ValueError: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 9; 2 is required
wraptile man, client cookies are extremely confusing here 😐️
Justin Turner Arthur
wraptile, we can’t see your screenshot on the Gitter side of your Matrix bridge unfortunately
wraptile yeah I've noticed that as well 😅
wraptile what's the de facto way to serialize/deserialize session? For cookies it seems to be awfully complicated

wraptile ```
async def test_cookies():
async with ClientSession() as session:
session.cookie_jar.update_cookies(SimpleCookie('login=jogn; Path=/; Domain=httpbin.org'))
session.cookie_jar.update_cookies(SimpleCookie('pass=snow; Path=/; Domain=httpbin.org'))
session.cookie_jar.update_cookies(SimpleCookie('foo=bar; Path=/;'))
cookies = pickle.dumps(session.cookie_jar._cookies)
resp = await session.get('http://httpbin.org/cookies')
print(await resp.text())

async with ClientSession() as session:
    session.cookie_jar._cookies = pickle.loads(cookies)
    print(await resp.text())


wraptile this is kinda ugly, but I guess it should work fine? 😬
wraptile I see the bridge doesn't format the code snippet well either, ugh. Maybe now that Matrix bought gitter they can finally fix this