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Repo info
    Sergiu Falcusan
    Hello Jin. We did more tests today. The results are really similar on both databases. We tested the sync. At 400000 block the rocksdb was ~2000 blocks behind. I am trying to play with options and add more optimisations right now (as suggested on some posts on internet)
    if that's the case , rocksdb and leveldb have same perf. you can still cleanup code and do a PR, let community to choose which one they like and how to optimized it .
    some devs have prefer on rocksdb b/c they know how to make it faster.
    @aion-jin Here is the pull request for rocksDB : aionnetwork/aion#335
    are there any native so need for this PR?
    They are included in the jar that is in the pr as dell
    Matias Karlsson
    Hi guys, we would like to know a few things about the equi_miner implemented by AION maybe you can help us understand.
    1) why aren´t you using the XINTREE algo?
    2) why do you have 12 steps instead of 10 (k+1) proposed by equihash
    3) the hashsize function returns this values because of the way 210,9 works or just to save memory?


    1) We didn't use the XINTREE algo to make the 210,9 implementation as easy as possible to understand. This version is primarily there to help developers by providing a reference implementation to which they can compare their implementations.
    2) Not quite sure what you mean by this one; the reference implementations (CPU and CUDA) both use 10 steps; step 0 to generate hashes and 1 through 9 to generate solutions.
    3) The hashsize functions returns those values due to the way the 210,9 algorithm processes the hashes.

    Hopefully that helps, feel free to reach out if have any more questions.

    Alexandru Laurus
    Hello! Can someone have a look at this github issue? IMO it's more than a nice to have functionality and could speed up things regarding deployment: aionnetwork/aion#517
    hey there, what could trigger this log:
    18-06-08 16:04:19.059 ERROR CONS [EpPow]: Attempting to add INVALID block.
    18-06-08 16:04:19.059 INFO  CONS [EpPow]: Unable to import a new mined block; restarting mining.
    Mined block import result is INVALID_BLOCK : 762be3
    what's the recommended gas range for functions that create other contracts?
    Santiago Gonzalez Toral
    hello. can Anyone help me with an error I'm getting when trying to build an AION node
    I m trying to connect to the AION node using blockdaemon which is hosted on AWS. I m unable to connect to the server. I m trying via RPC calls
    Luis de Leon
    hey guys
    I setup a local Aion Node and whenever I send a transaction I get this error: invalid tx nrg!
    this is my transaction:
                    nonce: '0x' + senderNonce.toString(16),
                    to: receiverAddress,
                    value: 10000000000000000000,
                    data: null,
                    chainId: networkId,
                    gas: 150000000
    what am I doing wrong?
    @luyzdeleon Could you please share the complete code of signing the transaction?
    @luyzdeleon I think gas price or gas limit are missing in the request
    Luis de Leon
    @komalDon123 thanks for the help, I already figured out this problem
    I have a question, what are the network id's for testnet and mainnet?
    @luyzdeleon You dont need to pass network id, from which source are you considering to pass this parameters in the request?
    Hay room, just wondering what the deal is with the last release v0.3.2, the release on GitHub appears to be missing a built artefact?
    김지은 (김초꼬)
    Hi there, hope you are all doing well. I have a question. Can I build and running Aion on CentOS 7?
    I did successfully build. but when I run aion.sh, got some errors. ;(
    @busker1004_gitlab CentOS is not officially supported. Only Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 are supported.