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May 2016
Sergey Lonshakov
May 20 2016 08:43
Запись моей видеоконференции в рамках Workshop «Перспективы применения технологии Blockchain в государственном управлении»
Sergey Lonshakov
May 20 2016 11:16
One should note that splitting is not entirely hard, but it has a number of steps and is time consuming. It takes (minimum) 7 days to Split the DAO and arrive at a place where your Ether and Reward Tokens are now in your complete control. However, it takes a minimum of 48 days to "cash out" Ether into a standard account where you can send them, trade them, etc. You will need to take action, wait 7 days, take more action, wait 27 days, take more action, wait 14 days, and then you will finally have ETH in an account you control.
Это из описания The DAO
т е если ты не согласен, то будешь ждать отделения 48 дней! :)
в очереди с талончиком
Sergey Lonshakov
May 20 2016 11:21
WARNING: Be very careful before voting on a proposal. Make sure to double check the proposal's voting deadline because once you vote, your tokens will be blocked from splitting or transferring to another account for the duration of the vote's debating period.
Кстати это описывает как происходит голосование в The DAO
I wrote this guide after spending lots of hours trying to understand the DAO accounting system.
Every time that a proposal is executed and some money gets out of the DAO reward tokens are generated in that DAO. These reward tokens represent the amount of the investment made by the DAO.
Т е акционеры The DAO получают 1 к 1 потраченных wei
это очень большие цифр получаются О_о
это интересно