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Repo info
    it successfully connects to database but nothing pops up in table section
    @mistercrunch please can you help me with my query ?
    Hi, is there any plugin for caravel that could turn ip address = country code
    Trying to create a map in caravel what would show from what country the user originated..
    any ideas how it could be done?

    Hi all, I upgraded caravel 0.9.0 to superset 0.15.0, then I have a problem with the Time series Bar chart: on 0.9.0 version, the the Time series Bar chart can be displayed completely, but on 0.15.0 version, I have to scroll it so that I can see all the chart...
    why ?Is it a bug ?


    like a IP2Location plugin for caravel?
    Maxime Beauchemin
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    DEPRECATED CHANNEL - GOTO https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset
    Sarang Manjrekar

    I am trying to setup Superset on a linux server, and working in a virtual environment. When I run ,
    fabmanager create-admin --app superset, it gives me the error as :

    Was unable to import superset Error: No module named numpy.

    Any suggestions ?

    I already have numpy latest version installed in the virtual environment.

    Sarang Manjrekar
    How to get rid of the need to login for iframe in webpage ?
    is there a way we can embedd caravel dashboard in some other application
    our admin app is built in django
    Abdullah Sifat
    it's my question also
    is there a way to embed superset dashboard in some other app??
    Hi, anybody idea how to use BigQuery as a datasource?
    This endpoint requires the datasource energy_usage, database or all_datasource_access permission
    trying to run superset
    getting this error
    Help, please. I want to build superset 0.15.2 from source and make some changes.
    I've got stuck at building on CentOS 7.2 Python 2.7.5 for a whole day , when exec "python setup.py install".
    The terminal message hangs at
    "writing manifest file 'superset.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
    reading manifest file 'superset.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
    reading manifest template 'MANIFEST.in"
    the memory is incredibly high, up to 10GB.
    Any way to solve this ? I think the problem lies in my env.
    For those built with success, which version of OS(ubuntu14,16,centos), which verson of Python(2.7.5,3.4,3.5)´╝îwhich verison of node ,or npm do you use?
    We have Different users like sales & Finance ..etc so we have dashboards & slice so users login to the caravel system,can view finance dashboards for the finance users. Ex:
    in the system , we have 5 dashboards(sale1,sale2,fin3,fin4,off5), USER_sales login ,and can view sale1\off5\and USER_B login can view fin3/fin4/off5.
    Rich Dean
    @RajkumarKadari - slices have security set by datasource, so you could split the users that way, where sales have their named datasource and finance have theirs...
        ```const loginPage = {};
        loginPage.controller = function()
            this.messagee = function()
        loginPage.view = function(ctrl) 
                return m("div",
                    m("span", "Euros"), 
                    m("button", { onclick: ctrl.messagee }, "OK")
    Brian Thibault
    Hi all, looking for a contractor to help us customize Caravel a bit
    if anyone is interested let me know
    Hey Guys, I am working on a superset and druid POC and I have everything setup. The only thing I can't figure out is how to format the data in superset (i.e. I want a metric to be shown in a % or currency). Can someone please tell me what to do in this case. I see there is D3format, but from what I read not sure how to use it.
    @bthibault Hello Thibault i am interested my drop me emain on coolbhushans@gmail.com
    caravel 0.12 version can not connect impala

    error is :ERROR: Connection failed!

    The error message returned was:
    (exceptions.AttributeError) 'TBufferedTransport' object has no attribute 'trans' [SQL: u'SHOW TABLES IN default']

    how can admin reset password for any other user ?
    I can see only update user screen from admin user list
    Rich Dean
    if you click on the View button instead of Edit next to the user, then you can see the password reset option
    Ravi Phulari
    Hello All - Does anybody know what are the scale limits for Druid? What is the data size for biggest Druid instance?
    As AirBnb is one of the biggest proponent of Caravel (Superset) - How much data is AirBnb storing in Druid? We are evaluating Druid and Superset and want to know what are the scale limits.
    Gowtham Sai

    I'm using Druid and Superset. It is always better to visualise the summary of data. As you know, you can't push all the data to browsers which makes the browser go crazy.

    And btw, superset adds limit of 50000 by default. So, don't estimate your result to be accurate unless and until you use query aggregators.

    As I'm working for a E-Commerce company, I end up writing my own Visualisation tool as we want realtime dashboard and few custom charts like funnel events.

    @RichRadics Thanks , I was looking edit and permission role :+1:
    Rich Dean
    A reminder to everyone here - https://gitter.im/airbnb/superset is the active channel
    hello, anyone can help to get table /cubes from kylin into superset for visualization??
    i already established the connection between kylin and superset by sqlalchemy!
    {"status": "failed", "query_id": 39, "error_essage": "Error when requesting: \"query\", exception: \"Project name should not be empty.\""}
    and to add table in a list of superset,
    i am getting this error, please help me
    Table [DEFAULT.KYLIN_SALES] could not be found, please double check your database connection, schema, and table name
    thanks in advance!!
    anyone , can look this issue
    Agfunder Inc
    Is anyone available for paid superset consulting code customization work? Likely around a day of work. Requirement is that you know the superset codebase. I will want to add filter types and a couple other things.
    Please contact me at robin@agfunder.com
    Ashok G
    Hi all
    how to get the list of datasources from druid using pydruid