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Feb 2016
Feb 26 2016 10:50
@blainekasten yes, exactly, it does. But somehow it is not being called.
@ljharb you say "fire the change event" isn't that what I am doing with the .simulate('change') call? or should it be fired in a different way?
Feb 26 2016 11:59
@ljharb I just ran into the yoghurt example again that you gave me and could not find any documentation on how to do it instead, besided .calledWith() does not yet work with simulate yet. What is the right way to assert that a method has been called, with called as a function call? Or does .called() exist?
I could only find called and that's like .yoghurt
Feb 26 2016 13:03
@ljharb hmm, after a little trial and error I can get the test to fail now, when I use called. It fails when I use yoghurt. I would still like to know what you use instead of .called that is not as typo/error prone?
Jordan Harband
Feb 26 2016 16:30
wait what's "yoghurt"
@janusch using assertions that aren't functions is error-prone because expect(foo) fails silently
(because "whatever" isn't a matcher)