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Jun 2017
Tanner Stirrat
Jun 22 2017 14:54
is enzyme broken for anyone else right now?
i'm getting an error on my project saying Error: Cannot find module 'uuid/v4'
when I try and run my tests
test command: NODE_ENV=test nyc --reporter=html mocha "src/**/*.test.js" -R mocha-multi --reporter-options nyan=-,mocha-junit-reporter=test-results.xml --full-trace --require babel-register --require babel-polyfill --require test/setup.js
enzyme is imported in some of my tests
and when it's imported, it attempts to import uuid/v4
that import is failing. I've verified that uuid can be imported within my project without problems.
Tanner Stirrat
Jun 22 2017 15:08
@ljharb did some research and left a comment here: airbnb/enzyme#998
in the meantime i've downgraded enzyme and it should fix things