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Nov 2017
Dimitris Karagiannis
Nov 16 2017 13:05

@andrecalvo I faced a similar issue a few days ago.

The way I got it working so far is by installing require-hacker as a dev dependency, and then in the setup I execute this:

import requireHacker from 'require-hacker';

const svgComponent = `
  class SVG extends require('react').Component {
    render() {
      return require('react').createElement('svg');

requireHacker.hook('svg', () => `module.exports = ${svgComponent}`);
also commented out the line require.extensions['.svg'] = noop
Nov 16 2017 14:57
Thanks @mkarajohn, will give it a try and get back to you :)
Renato Augusto Gama dos Santos
Nov 16 2017 16:00
@andrecalvo You could try this setup ( that will mock your images inside your test.
Nov 16 2017 16:18
@mkarajohn that worked a charm! Thanks so much. @renatoagds thanks for the suggestion!
Shanon Jackson
Nov 16 2017 20:21
Hey guys, been stuck on this problem for like 1 whole day now.
How can i access styles of a react 16 component within a enzyme test. Alot of our components use themeing.
it seems everything fails, getting inline-styles is easy but i want to get styles applied by a stylesheet.
getComputedStyle(enzyme.getDomNode()), everything you could imagine nothing is giving me anything more than inline styles
willing to import any library that solves this problem its been destroying me
Jordan Harband
Nov 16 2017 21:15
@shanonjackson why are you looking at styles in tests anyways/
Nov 16 2017 23:27
I am trying to shallow render a component to assert on some components that should be visible, but I have seeing this error.... : Cannot read property 'have' of undefined
it works just fine with snapshot testing.
it('renders EmailSearchActivity with no search results', () => { const wrapper = shallow( <EmailSearchActivity {...{ results: null, isLoading: false }} /> ); expect(wrapper.find(SearchBar)).to.have.length(1); expect(wrapper.find(SearchResultsTable)).to.have.length(0); expect(wrapper.find(NoResults)).to.have.length(1); });
is the test ^^
Nov 16 2017 23:37
nevermind, using chai syntax... need jest :(