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Nov 2016
Capi Etheriel
Nov 09 2016 02:22
so, we're to use import and export right?
how to do it on the backend (node)?
i usually transpile for the frontend, should I do the same for the backend?
Jordan Harband
Nov 09 2016 03:28
@barraponto you have to use babel. nothing supports import/export yet.
Nov 09 2016 10:06

Hi,, Good day guys. I have a question.

which is better to use classic mixins or functional mixins ?

Alex Dunne
Nov 09 2016 13:02

Hey, I've installed the airbnb style guide using the eslint command line (i.e. ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --init). When I run eslint I get the following error:

Error: ../filepath/node_modules/eslint-config-airbnb/rules/react-a11y.js:
Configuration for rule "jsx-a11y/anchor-has-content" is invalid:
Value "" is the wrong type.

I have tried removing the module and reinstalling but that did not work.

Is there something I've missed?

Jordan Harband
Nov 09 2016 16:17
@alexdunne you're depending on the wrong version of eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
use the command in the package readme to install the right versions of the peer deps.
@jklesmes17 what are "classic mixins"? JS doesn't have mixins.
it's better to use function composition than mixins tho.
Capi Etheriel
Nov 09 2016 16:55
@ljharb thanks