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Nov 2016
Abhisek Pattnaik
Nov 28 2016 04:22
It doesn't actually matters if an individual likes something or not in a team.
What matters is as a whole the team is willing to embrace the style or their familiarity with a particular style.
One of the reasons JS is condemned is because of lack of a standard way.
Although it is good for creativity and innovation but that can only happen if at all a group of devs don't have/feel a barrier to entry without a widely accepted standard.
Airbnb style guide is verbose and popular. Many use it in their personal projects right away without any customization.
Hence, ease of acceptance or familiarity.
Familiarity with a particular way of writing helps in ease of reading even if it is a bad style.
If one likes reading code with the function body starting and ending with a padded blank line and is accepted in their team, I think it is perfectly fine :speak_no_evil:
Jordan Harband
Nov 28 2016 04:24
that's all true. but one must also contrast "likes" with "will be most readable by the current and future team"
Loick Le Digabel
Nov 28 2016 18:02
Hi there, I'm wondering, at some point, do you plan to remove the curly brackets of your guidelines ? (The "semi" rule of the eslint)
Jordan Harband
Nov 28 2016 19:21
@loick the "semi" rule deals with semicolons, not curly brackets. not sure what you mean