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May 2017
sun chenhui
May 17 2017 00:39
May 17 2017 04:41
@DalviMoreshwar buidl fcc javascript challenges, tic-tac-toe etc, books won't help without practice
Moreshwar Dalvi
May 17 2017 04:42
Oh .. Really?
I see
Yeah practice is must
May 17 2017 04:43
Like anything in this world, you need to practice in order to get better
Moreshwar Dalvi
May 17 2017 04:44
Yeah.. Right
I want to practice and at the same time I want to learn more about it
May 17 2017 08:41
Hi. Amazing style guide. Thanks for that.
Do you have some guide or guide lines for migrating an application from ES5 to ES6?
I mean, should we put our effort on refactoring the whole code? Write only new files in ES6? Convert just parts of the code that we actually touch?
May 17 2017 14:22
Hey, in above code how can i access sumWeight value in commented area?
Yohann Balawender
May 17 2017 15:13
@serkandemirel0420 You already have access to your variable in the commented as it is embedded in your function closure scope
May 17 2017 17:27
hello guys