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Ben Kraus
Just to find time...
Iván Villamil
Does the Shared Element transition work for both iOS & Android?
Kwame Adjei
@lelandrichardson Can we get a github issue around installation? As per the readme i understand that installation is expected to have drastic changes on the road to v1. I'm exited to try native-navigation but due to the installation requirements, i'm holding off until the library can be used without the os specific boilerplate. I love what you guys are doing. Sadly i'm in no position to contribute due to my limited knowledge in native development but i'm very happy that there's a well thought out library to fill the react native navigation gap.
Rumen Rusanov
Hi guys, I didn't see any information about how you can use pushNative or any other native controller call. I checked the native code and it's look like you have to register the controllers that you want to present/push from react native but I'm not really sure. Is anyone try this or know how is suppose to work?
Paul Matyukov
Hello all! There is an issue with reloading -> I have screen component (CheckLogin) it make decision: show app or show login - so every time when i reload(dev mode) - all viewControllers in coordinator still exist and push one more. Maybe i do something wrong? Also i want to try implement Tabs without native part - any advices where to start?)
Madhava Jay
// index.ios.tsx
import Home from './home'
import Login from './login'
import Navigator from 'native-navigation'

Navigator.registerScreen('demo', () => Login)
Navigator.registerScreen('Home', () => Home)

// login.tsx
import * as React from 'react'
import Navigator from 'native-navigation'
import {
  } from 'react-native'
import { styles } from './styles'

export interface Props {}
export interface State {}

export default class LoginScreen extends React.Component<Props, State> {
  render() {
    const onPressFunction = () => {

    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
          <Text style={styles.welcome}>
            Welcome to React Native! (in TypeScript)
          <Text style={styles.instructions}>Please Login Below</Text>
          <View style={styles.buttonContainer}>
I see login but Navigator.present('Home') does nothing...?
console.log('clicked') appears in the debug window
anyone got an idea?
Emiel van Liere
@hpstuff did you figure out how to use pushNative?
Rumen Rusanov
unfortunately no, I didn't have time lately but I will dive deep into this soon If no one can help.
Rumen Rusanov
Hello folks here I want to share with you simple example of how we can push native viewcontrollers from js https://gist.github.com/hpstuff/e190ac160355a15a02eea6fd4c60c0b7 is only for iOS if anyone have time can search for how this can be done in Android.
Sat Mandir S. Khalsa
@lelandrichardson Any update on the project? Can we expect further development any time soon?
Ben Kraus
Zain Sajjad
Hey, is there any getting started guide. I don't have experience of native mobile app development.
If you don't have native development experience, reactnavigation.org would be a simpler choice
it works out of the box without any setup
Zain Sajjad
Yes i have already used it. I want to integrate lottie in our app in future and we're in the process of complete re-write.
Adrian Thomas
Just saw a post about this on Medium. Sad that this isn’t actively being worked on since this has the potential to be th de-facto Navigation for React Native. This is an article I read that states how to integrate native-navigation with react navigation. Hope this is useful to someone. https://medium.com/@ericvicenti/playing-with-react-navigation-and-airbnbs-native-navigation-4e49fc765489
preetam patil
Currently i am using react-native-router-flux with redux but facing lots of problems such as adding custom drawer (Somehow i have manages) but its really hard to customize navbar. So planning to switch 75% developed app to native-navigation.
So wanted to ask that how difficult is to migrate. ?
do you want the navbar to use custom view?
it's also difficult in native-navigation
you'll get better chance using wix's react-native-navigation
preetam patil
is it easy to migrate?
I think it would require some time and effort to migrate since they have different architecture
and you will also need some native development knowledge
if your app is a pure React Native app, you can just use react-navigation
Hello, everyone. I have some question about the source of react-navigation. Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance.
Joohong Kim
I am very interesting in using native-navigation and working hard to run in my project.
Joohong Kim
I've done it with my project..
Christian Jost
Hey guys, I want to start a new react-native application and now trying to find out which library fits best to add navigation experience to the app. In my very first impression airbnb/native-navigation looks exactly the direction I want to head to, but what I noticed was, that the repository has its last changes a year ago and it's also marked as beta. Is there still a progress? Or did the progress stopped for this project and the overall recommendation is using wix/react-native-navigation?