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Madhava Jay
// index.ios.tsx
import Home from './home'
import Login from './login'
import Navigator from 'native-navigation'

Navigator.registerScreen('demo', () => Login)
Navigator.registerScreen('Home', () => Home)

// login.tsx
import * as React from 'react'
import Navigator from 'native-navigation'
import {
  } from 'react-native'
import { styles } from './styles'

export interface Props {}
export interface State {}

export default class LoginScreen extends React.Component<Props, State> {
  render() {
    const onPressFunction = () => {

    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
          <Text style={styles.welcome}>
            Welcome to React Native! (in TypeScript)
          <Text style={styles.instructions}>Please Login Below</Text>
          <View style={styles.buttonContainer}>
I see login but Navigator.present('Home') does nothing...?
console.log('clicked') appears in the debug window
anyone got an idea?
Emiel van Liere
@hpstuff did you figure out how to use pushNative?
Rumen Rusanov
unfortunately no, I didn't have time lately but I will dive deep into this soon If no one can help.
Rumen Rusanov
Hello folks here I want to share with you simple example of how we can push native viewcontrollers from js is only for iOS if anyone have time can search for how this can be done in Android.
Sat Mandir S. Khalsa
@lelandrichardson Any update on the project? Can we expect further development any time soon?
Ben Kraus
Zain Sajjad
Hey, is there any getting started guide. I don't have experience of native mobile app development.
If you don't have native development experience, would be a simpler choice
it works out of the box without any setup
Zain Sajjad
Yes i have already used it. I want to integrate lottie in our app in future and we're in the process of complete re-write.
Adrian Thomas
Just saw a post about this on Medium. Sad that this isn’t actively being worked on since this has the potential to be th de-facto Navigation for React Native. This is an article I read that states how to integrate native-navigation with react navigation. Hope this is useful to someone.
preetam patil
Currently i am using react-native-router-flux with redux but facing lots of problems such as adding custom drawer (Somehow i have manages) but its really hard to customize navbar. So planning to switch 75% developed app to native-navigation.
So wanted to ask that how difficult is to migrate. ?
do you want the navbar to use custom view?
it's also difficult in native-navigation
you'll get better chance using wix's react-native-navigation
preetam patil
is it easy to migrate?
I think it would require some time and effort to migrate since they have different architecture
and you will also need some native development knowledge
if your app is a pure React Native app, you can just use react-navigation
Hello, everyone. I have some question about the source of react-navigation. Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance.
Joohong Kim
I am very interesting in using native-navigation and working hard to run in my project.
Joohong Kim
I've done it with my project..
Christian Jost
Hey guys, I want to start a new react-native application and now trying to find out which library fits best to add navigation experience to the app. In my very first impression airbnb/native-navigation looks exactly the direction I want to head to, but what I noticed was, that the repository has its last changes a year ago and it's also marked as beta. Is there still a progress? Or did the progress stopped for this project and the overall recommendation is using wix/react-native-navigation?