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Repo info
    Arseny Antonov
    Hi all,
    Is it possible to use API (json response) instead of database for superset charts?
    Kiplimo Kemboi
    @ArseniyAntonov Just my thought,what if you create a database to hold that data then pull the records from database using Superset
    hi all
    does superset support drill down feature?
    also the chart selection at client end?
    hi, I'm have a really weird issue on superset. I'm running 0.34.0rc1, I have 2 filterbox slices and both are present on the same dashboard. Both contain a filterfield called province. Despite the filterbox configurations (i.e. parameters field) being almost the same (except for their key field), only one of them actually fetches all province values, the other only contains its default value as an option. Both are clearable, sorted ascendingly and allow the selection of multiple values. Only when I clear the working province filter field, the second one is populated with all province values. I have already tried adding a second field to the second filterbox, but that did not change anything... Any thoughts on how to fix this?
    Having just the first filterbox present always works, only that second filterbox seems broken somehow...
    @atmoprakash it depends on what you mean by drilldown. If you mean being able to click on chart elements to explore the data further, then the answer is no. If you mean being able to filter the data being shown on the dashboard using dropdowns, then the answer is yes, you can use the FilterBox control for that...
    Issues seems solved now, as there was some preset_filter at the dashboard level that was causing issues... after removing this from the dashboard metadata, the issue seemed resolved.
    Abhishek Sharma
    Superset released the latest Apache version 0.34.0. Congrats to everyone!! Also, docker container for it is released, https://github.com/abhioncbr/docker-superset. Try it out!!
    Also, I am planning to write Helm charts for the Superset in the same above mentioned code base. Contribution in the codebase is welcome. Thanks.
    Javier Wong

    hey everyone, nice to meet all of you. I am having troubles getting the scheduled email menu options to show. I am using the docker version and I have set the following in config.py:

    SMTP_HOST = "somehost"
    SMTP_SSL = True
    SMTP_USER = "someemail"
    SMTP_PORT = 25
    SMTP_PASSWORD = "somepassword"
    SMTP_MAIL_FROM = "somemailfrom"

    Is there something that I am missing? I see the separator in the Manage menu but not the options. Apologies for any ignorance, I am quite new to this. Thanks guys

    Will superset develop a secondary menu management chart´╝îWhen you create thousands of charts, there is no classification management, which is very inconvenient
    @benvdh thanks for response
    Chok Yip
    Has anyone found a guide to use locally hosted superset-ui and superset-ui-plugins?
    Has anyone connected Superset with HANA? any leads..
    Is there anyway I can use SAML authentication in superset ?
    Hi guys,
    are the celery worker only working for SQL Lab? Trying to get them running for Druid Queries over "Sources" --> "Datasources" as well
    sqlalchemy.exc.TimeoutError: QueuePool limit of size 10 overflow 10 reached, connection timed out, timeout 30
    how to fixed this
    Niraj Shah
    Hello, Is it possible to take user input on the dashboard? I.e. when an chart is loaded user wants to narrow down the chart data within a certain range. Can we have input fields in the dashboard to take range from user and use the inputted value to refine the chart?
    @Niraj-Shah-1 maybe a filter box? Never used it by myself but maybe its the right for you
    The only one i know is via filter box
    Niraj Shah
    @Stephan3555 , @felexkemboi , I checked the Filter box. It must be created out of a data source i.e. the values are from a pre-defined source. This does not work if we want to take value as input from the user. Thank you for responding to my query. I would live with this because perhaps there is no alternative as of now.
    hello, I'm trying to use postgres table with timestamp without timezone for time column
    I could not find any hint on how to do it so far
    any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks
    Is there a way to suppress or hide the chart title , this is for a big number chart but could be any?
    Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary
    Hi All, I am getting time in epoch time format in filter box whereas i have stored in yyyy-mm-dd in db. Please let me know how to fix this?
    David Hassan
    How do I colour cells in pivot table? Apparently this is available up to version 0.34.
    i want the date filter to apply on a field in the filter it self. So if i select a certain date lets say in the Since field of the filter, the drop down menu in the next filter field shows only the options that lie in that date. Please let me know if there is a way to achieve this
    Zhuyi Xue
    I experienced that for a Filter Box with N filters, superset will run the query in the Datasource N times to fill up all the filters, is that expected? When a query is heavy, running it N time would lead to timeout.
    Zachary Zhao
    Hi guys, what does the 'caching layer' using for? Does is be used for caching querying result to reduce the pressure of backend database such as MySQL?
    Ville Brofeldt
    FYI, the Superset workspace on Slack is the primary synchronous discussion forum; I would advise checking it out: https://apache-superset.slack.com
    Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    @villebro - to register at that Slack requires an email address in the airbnb.com or lyft.com domain ....
    I filed a ticket because the current slack link in the README is broken - apache/incubator-superset#8341
    Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    Presto creates an audit log for each query - is there a hook or trigger associated with these database writes that I can extend/configure? I want to do some post-processing in Python after each write to the audit-log.
    brachi packter
    How can I create chart in superset for the last 4 hours, if write this , it gives me data related to time 20:00 - 00:00. It treats current time as 00:00
    I was able to overcome this only by setting in the custom, today-tomorrow. But I want to see less data
    Gabriel Abud
    how do I start superset and be able to connect to an existing psql database (that isn't run inside docker)? I also don't want to have all of the superset specific data stored in this database, I just want to be able to connect to it via the dashboard
    Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    @brachipackter_gitlab and @G_Abud_twitter - I think all support has moved to https://apache-superset.slack.com/
    Gabriel Abud
    thanks @metaperl
    how do we get an invite?
    Hi guys
    I am unable to configure superset in apache. I don't find any documentation for installation superset with apache/httpd