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Repo info
    Joe Bordes
    try accessing the IP directly
    docker inspect 80e0e565f0f3
    get the IP of the container and access directly http://{ip}:8088
    Good morning everybody. I couldn't access from Docker IP's either. Anyone have any other suggestions? It's a critical issue for me. :/
    1991ec6e9bd3 apache/superset:latest-dev "/app/docker/docker-…" 17 hours ago Up 5 minutes (unhealthy) 8088/tcp superset_worker
    80e0e565f0f3 apache/superset:latest-dev "/app/docker/docker-…" 17 hours ago Up 5 minutes (healthy)>8088/tcp, :::8088->8088/tcp superset_app
    b2a151609df5 apache/superset:latest-dev "/app/docker/docker-…" 17 hours ago Up 4 minutes (unhealthy) 8088/tcp superset_worker_beat
    a4df52b39dba postgres:10 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 17 hours ago Up 5 minutes 5432/tcp superset_db
    27baf7be3eef redis:latest "docker-entrypoint.s…" 17 hours ago Up 5 minutes 6379/tcp superset_cache
    Hello everyone, @joebordes I solved the problem. I leave the link below.
    Thanks for your support.
    Joe Bordes
    have a wonderful day
    salah alhashmi

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    Hi All, I have enabled the ALERT_REPORTS feature and also configured SMTP. The scheduler is working properly but I don't receive any emails.
    Can any help ???
    EMAIL_NOTIFICATIONS = True # all the emails are sent using dryrun
    SMTP_HOST = "smtp.gmail.com"
    SMTP_SSL = False
    SMTP_PORT = 587
    @di-coder: did you try with port 465, SSL true and STARTTLS false?
    Okay Sure I'll Check.
    @ilex:oakforest.in I tired but same issue. Not getting email and any errors
    I installed Superset and connected the PostGres database to it, but the database list in the dataset creation form is empty and there is no database
    rahul ranjan
    Hi All,
    when i am trying to embed chart in html page getting error Blocked autofocusing on a <input> element in a cross-origin subframe. - anyone any idea how to resolve this

    Hey all - creating an API workflow for auto-generating dashboards. Context: ML model monitoring for our enterprise. Problem: Currently stuck on generating a query_context for a POST api/v1/chart/ request, based off of a saved_query.

    Is there a defined way of generating this query_context? Or example repos containing a programatic workflow that I could refer to instead?

    What should I do when I need to execute a query with Trino datasource?
    I installed sqlalchemy-trino and trino(trino-python-client) before deploying Superset, and I saw the message when I connected with my Trino cluster: "connection looks good."
    And I also saw the schema and table through the connection with Trino in SQL lab .
    But when I executed a query to Trino, I got an error: "__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'user'."
    Mark Thielen

    Hi there, we are looking into working ob the current Alert/Reports area to
    1) Use the Alert/Report Owner to generate the Data within the Celery Worker Code as we are using Row Level Security for Multi Tentant Type Integration
    2) Add a S3 Data Drop as an addition to the already available Email and Slack
    3) Use the Chart Data API to use a configured Chart Context instead of the pre-set Chart Context

    We want to do this based on 1.5.0 Code at this time.

    • Are there any instructions available what we need to take into consideration when forking, etc ?
    • Is there a a responsible group of people that are working on this area (Alerts / Reports) to make sure our approaches are okay ?
      Thanks, Mark
    Jonathan Churque

    I have set a macro in my superset.py like this :

    def get_graindate(col):
      return "(case "+'{{ time_grain }}'+" when 'P1Y' then year("+col+") when 'P1M' then month("+col+") when 'P1D' then day("+col+") end)"
        'graindate': lambda col: get_graindate(col),

    but '{{ time_grain }}' is alway undefined.
    if i do select '{{ time_grain }}' it give me 'P1Y', is it possible to pass '{{ time_grain }}' in parameter like thisgraindate('date_time', '{{ time_grain }}')` <= (i'v tried this but no luck) ?

    Thanks for your help, it make me crazy 😝

    Has anybody done visualization for 3D point cloud data such as Lidar data? I couldn't find any examples/chart templates for this with superset.
    Hey All, I want to change superset login template ( I am using CustomSecurityManager), Can you please me. Thanks in advance!