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Repo info
    I have an error about superset. I try to work superset on clickhouse, but Error "ERROR OCCURRED WHILE FETCHING TABLE METADATA" and when I write a query any table, I can not see table's header. Could you help me? Thanks.
    Edgar Mejia
    @gunnarro_twitter Hi, could you to know how we can to add a tooltip into scatter map?
    thibault ketterer
    Hi guys :wave: I wonder if you know a mean to tag a dashboard by cli or any other way (even some python code)
    can any1 tell how to combine bar graph like my bar graph is divided on the basis of source and target language so fir ar is french,second is spanish third and fouth is english but they are not combining

    Hi guys..I was confused about the filter box functionality.I have a dashboard with two three charts, one of which is filterbox used to filter the other two.

    When I select a value from filter, then change it and select another value, seems the chart is taking in the previous filter value too resulting in malformed sql and no data for that chart.

    Below image has CVS PHARMACY selected in the filter, one of the two graphs which uses the same query but different aggregation shows no data. When I check for the chart and explore it , I see it has other filter WALGREENS along with the required filter value CVS PHARMACY

    Below image shows the scenario I was talking above:



    Can someone help me understanding this

    Edgar Mejia
    How tells the message "No data", maybe your filters not allow show nothing.
    @omejiasq_gitlab I am not sure I understand your reply correctly, but, No data is because the query created for that chart after selecting value from chain is has two "IN" statements one for each it shows no data for that query
    I’m new to superset and have been playing with it for a couple hours. I’m looking for a simple scatter plot. Is a simple scatter available and I’m just overlooking it?
    can any1 tell me how to install apache superset github
    this error comming
    Hey all
    Any idea how to create a funnel chart?


    • I am implementing react native maps, in that I am able to shop maps and polyline between the coordinates.
    • when the car reaches the destnation, I need to zoom ito street level.
    • can you tell me how to achieve it.
    • I googled but couldn't find any solutions.
    • providing my code below in a gist.
    • declared all my car coordinates inside my let routes array.
    • can you guys provide your inputs

    joao anhas
    Do you guys know if it's possible to set the language of superset, in the url by parameter ?
    Billy Odera
    Hi, I am trying to connect my superset docker container to a postgres database but i get the error below (psycopg2.OperationalError) could not connect to server: Connection refused Is the server running on host "" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432? (Background on this error at:
    I am running postgres12 and have edited both the /etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf and /etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf
    is postgres inside another docker which is outside of superset dockers network?
    I've just installed superset on Ubuntu 18.04 and launched using Docker.
    It works fine, but then I try to add my DB and test the connection I get an alert saying
    ERROR: Could not load database driver: mysql+mysqldb
    In the console I see superset.views.core:Invalid driver No module named 'MySQLdb'
    This is my connection string: mysql+mysqldb://user:passw@
    same error when I use the string mysql://user:passw@
    Do I need to add something to ./docker/requirements-local.txt?
    OK, I've given up on Docker
    and are installing it manually according to
    But when I install everything and start Flask says that everything is OK, but still only get connection refused when loading up localhost
    I'm wondering is it because there is no frontend? Dont I need to run npm or yarn?
    nvm I created a new databasa in the built-in postgres server
    Billy Odera
    Hi guys, whenever I can a column data type after uploading from csv e.g from TEXT to NUMERIC, when I create a chart, I am unable to see the edited column
    Billy Odera
    Also when i change a column form TEXT to DATETIME, when I check on SQL LAB it still displays as TEXT
    Josh Feinblum
    I've spent a lot of time getting superset up and running on Google App Engine - had 0.35.2 running flawlessly. Moving to 0.36.0 has had some challenges, the one I cant overcome right now is a gunicorn error RuntimeError: Working outside of application context. I've spent hours on this, anyone have any ideas?
    This message was deleted
    Maxime PIGEON
    Hi everybody, i just felt in love with Superset and i have a question : Is there a way to use calculated columns in the SQL expression of a metric ?
    3 replies
    Prashant Singh
    Hi, is there a way to run dashboard queries in async mode as they run for sql lab? one of my dashboard's query takes almost 7 mins to execute, but everytime it returns 504. i have tried increasing webserver timeout, but that doesn't helps.
    Hi all, what is the most simple way to add a custom javascript file (override.js) to add css classes for example in a table (chart) html. Since I am new to web pack I want to ask you guys. Thank you!
    Maxime PIGEON
    Hi, is there a way to use the time grain interval duration in a metric ? To get a daily value per week, or per month ...
    3 replies
    I won't change the annotation of the superset. anyone can help me? Find file I can change it ..Thanks you !
    Kanhaiya Lal
    hey can anyone tell me how can I authenticate my external clients who are trying to access superset rest apps?
    Hi all,
    iam using superset 0.36 and i have tried to replace 341142ac8466aaa1ffca6462f1f4e3f9.geojson to updated geojson file, but it is not working as expected,getting very small size map. Can you someone please help how to achieve this.
    Abhishek Jain

    hi all,

    we are trying to setup superset.... so we have our portal and want to embed superset dashboard into it...

    i think the option is to use iframe... what we want all calls to superset to be proxied through our endpoint...


    how can we do this...

    so instead of giving superset-url we want to give our service url like analytics-url...

    Seriour Issue need a support over this,
    while configuring superset with nginx
    it stucks over welcome screen
    kindly suggest what should i do
    Hi there, I have configured PUBLIC_ROLE_LIKE_GAMMA=True, and I am noticing that one of my datasources is now publicly available even though explicit permission is not granted to either the Public or Gamma role. Is this a bug?