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Repo info
    anyone there
    Tim McBride
    Hi guys, can't seem to get https working ( weird!). Keeps telling me it can't find the files at the given path. Permissions are fine, so is the path I gave.
    Found the issue, the httpscert and httpskey options in the sample file
    should be httpscertfile and httpskeyfile
    hi, anyone here?
    hello, anyone here?
    yo, is there a tutorial here?
    Kyle Russell
    @deviousgeek I seem to remember hitting the same problem. Is there an open issue for this, or has it already been fixed in master?
    Lakshman Diwaakar
    I found that Web notifications have been supported by chrome browser. This needs the google clod messaging to be integrated with the website. So, the question is, is it possible to build a push notification server for web apps that gives notifications for mobile and desktops chrome browsers. The scenario is a closed wi-fi connection without connecting to internet. I also found that push notifications works on GSM. So I would like to know whether this is feasible ?
    Muhammed Riyas
    mohammed usef
    any one know how to reset tokens in airnotifier
    no one talknig here whats this rooom
    Karthik Veeramani
    Anyone around to help?
    Guilherme Assemany
    Hello Guys! Does airnotifier supports browser push notification?
    Cai Dongsheng
    @guiassemany it's not supported at the moment, but I'm keen to add this feature in near future.
    Cai Dongsheng
    Browser push is now supported! it's the same settings as FCM.