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    Adam Byrne
    there is an error with ace.js(latest) the enableEmmet option seems to be mispelled or so the console said
    Matt Duffield
    Hi everyone, quick question, I am using ES6 and system.js. When I jspm install ace-builds and then try to use it I get a Uncaught TypeError: define is not a function error. Is there something I need to do to get this to work with System.js?
    Harutyun Amirjanyan
    @AdamByrne console says enableEmmet misspelled also in the case when ext/emmet.js script was not included
    @mattduffield maybe system.js doesn't work with require.js shim ace uses, could you show the setup you are using, I would like to debug this issue
    Matt Duffield
    @nightwing Yes, I will send it to you over the weekend. Thanks!
    Hi everyone. Is there an example that shows how to use a custom prefixer. This was discussed here (ajaxorg/ace#1670) and references this line: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/blob/badade8f4e9d10194b1f802c57cc368e5fe90688/lib/ace/autocomplete.js#L220, but I'm not sure what is the proper way to use it.
    Monty Anderson
    Does anyone know a way to use ace with browserify?
    Is there anybody here?
    Anton Nikolenko
    Hello everyone,
    I would like to implement Form inside Line Widget. This features should be very simple, I open line widget and focus to form. My questions is - How I can change cursor focus from editor to this form inside line widget?
    Matthew Pocock
    hi - I have existing js code that does a full parse tree of a custom language. Can I easily re-use this to provide an ace cutom mode?
    Victor Torres
    @drdozer I’m not sure. You should take a look at existing modes and see if whether it’s a big deal or not. https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/tree/4a55188fdb0eee9e2d3854f175e67408a1e47655/lib/ace/mode
    Christian Vogel
    Anyone online already?
    Zhuyi Xue
    I am trying to write a new mode for ace editor. It's mainly for writing Chinese, what I want is to insert ruby tag for every Chinese character a user entered. My question is it possible to insert html tags (<ruby>in this case) besides highlighting in a mode?
    Hello Ajax Geeks and Great Coders
    Please help me
    anyone is there to listen to my issue with ajax code ?
    @TigerND Hello I believe you can help me
    Talor Anderson
    Hi, all of my workspaces on cloud9 were showing 0 ram/cpu/disk usage today, is something wrong? is this the right place for that?
    Nicholas Bering
    @Talor-A I don't think this was the right place for that at all. This room is for the Ace Editor project. Cloud9 makes extensive use of Ace, but Ace is not Cloud9.
    By that I mean it's not Cloud9 the service.
    Christopher Welborn
    Where do the Ace editor people usually chat? I ask because I've been here twice and the messages are always pretty old (last message tonight: Nov 19, almost 2 months ago). I'm a big fan of the Ace editor and I've been wanting to keep up with changes/additions.
    hi i need help with ajax

    Dear ajax developers!

    I'm getting a data about an address by using (for example) url https://testnet-bitcore1.trezor.io/api/address/miSNvJoobbXNwvdVX4bPLmn6jEscLVj9vG?page=1.
    When I try to get the data by using jQuery.ajax I get error: status: 0; statusText: error.
    My jQuery ajax parameters: type: "GET"; url: 'https://testnet-bitcore1.trezor.io/api/address/miSNvJoobbXNwvdVX4bPLmn6jEscLVj9vG?page=1'; dataType: "json"

    Is it possible to get the data about address by using jQuery.ajax request?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hello everyone, there is a problem,error:"Unable to infer path to ace from script src, use ace.config.set('basePath', 'path') to enable dynamic loading of modes and themes or with webpack use ace/webpack-resolver", how to solve it?
    I would like some help on using ace in an angularjs application by loading it from local path rather than a CDN
    is this possible?