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    Added missing types and reorder… (compare)

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    TiiFuchs on develop

    Message::getType lost some valu… Fix comma error (compare)

  • Nov 23 08:59
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    TiiFuchs on api-6.1


  • Nov 09 19:23
    noplanman commented #1365
  • Nov 09 19:15

    noplanman on 0.80.0


Amin Alizade
Nima Ebrazi
hi, is possible disable database in getUpdate() method? I design new model and bot has two db now.
Armando Lüscher
@nimaebrazi No, the database structure as it is now is necessary to save everything properly. If you feel comfortable, you can edit the file DB.php and make changes yourself, but that can be very tricky and your changes would be lost when you update the library.
Никифоров Максим
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /public_html/y1x.online/vendor/longman/telegram-bot/src/Telegram.php on line 295 why?
Armando Lüscher
What PHP version are you on? This library needs at least PHP5.5
Никифоров Максим
@noplanman 5.1, thank
Firdavs Khaydarov
Who is online ?
Armando Lüscher
@VictorFuture If you need help with something specific, just post it in the GitHub repo :+1:
Mahdi Hosseini
سلام به همه دوستان و عرض خسته نباشید دوستان خیلی خیلی معذرت میخوام من نمیتونم انگلیسی حرف بزنم ولی یه کار خیلی واجب دارم میشه کمکم کنید ؟؟؟
hi to all
help me to create telegram bot
is there anyone ?


Can you tell me, how to handle all messages with 1 command without prefix like "/command"

Elvis Pereira
Hello everyone, before there was a "public" property along with the "enabled" property, right?
Elvis Pereira
Hey what is the correct mode to pass the "parse_mode" in version 0.35?
'parse_mode' => 'HTML' inside $data array does not work
Hosein D.Farahani
I'm new in telegram bots. I have a question. Is it possible to receive all chat messages even it isn't a command with / ?? I mean, is it possible that a user send "Hi" to bot (not in group) and bot can handle it?
i don't understand where to write to extend functions or process ext sent by the user
Usef Enayati
hi bax
how can i send message with callbackquery response
anybody have an error like this ?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in vendor/longman/telegram-bot/src/Request.php on line 233
Can anybody help me?
i want to attach a file to long message like this:
how can i do this?
Hello guys! I found very strange behavior… looks like a bug. If you will forward a message from any channel (where you just subscriber) to you chat with you bot (a private chat) you will get an infinity loop (i use getUpdateCli.php) until you will send any direct message.
I have not enough time to find how to fix the problem but its looks like it something around DB::insertMessageRequest and DB::insertTelegramUpdate. It’s looks like telegram-bot not inserting info about forwarded message to the telegram_update table in the DB because violating constrain message_ibfk_4 (but all operation making with INSERT IGNORE and this why everything happining in «silence»)
One more time. How to reproduce bug:
  1. getUpdatesCLI.php
  2. Create chat with you bot
  3. Join any channel (not a group!)
  4. Forward any message from channel to you bot
  5. Check logs… you will see:
    "2017-03-07 01:21:36 - Processed 1 updates
    2017-03-07 01:21:36 - Processed 1 updates
    2017-03-07 01:21:36 - Processed 1 updates
    2017-03-07 01:21:36 - Processed 1 updates"
Fixed: akalongman/php-telegram-bot#421
oh, look there, a chat for this great bot xD
Hi everyone,
I'm new in this sdk and I don't know how should I handle the updates in hook mode.
Waht should I do?
Armando Lüscher
Just a quick note to everyone here, there is a new Telegram group that replaces this group here on Gitter: https://telegram.me/PHP_Telegram_Bot_Support
@noplanman User not found!!!
Armando Lüscher
You can just search for @PHP_Telegram_Bot_Support in Telegram :+1:
telegram bot keyboard + emoji buttons
hello anybody online here?'
@mahdivpg what do you need?
Armando Lüscher
❗️This Gitter chat is inactive, please use the Telegram group:
Hi every body
i want join https://telegram.me/PHP_Telegram_Bot_Support but telegram say error user not found
I have a Q anyone there?
Is it possible for a telegram bot to get new channel subscribers user id and channel unsubscribers user id ? i was making sth in PHP any help would be appreciated.
Hello All