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Jun 2016
Arjen Smits
Jun 28 2016 08:41
god damnit. I just realized i worked of version 1.4.4 instead of 1.4.7
Arjen Smits
Jun 28 2016 09:11
@Silv3rcircl3 You can work on the code samples for custom stream processing if you want. I wont have time.
it contains some interesting backdrop to why making certain extensions is not possible in the scala world.
Due to generic type contraints and such
its interesting to mention and provide context for the readers. But im not sure how it translates to our .Net port.
I guess you guys will have a better viewpoint on that then me. So i left that part as is.
Marc Piechura
Jun 28 2016 15:26
@Danthar alright, will take a look tomorrow