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Aug 2016
Mikhail Shilkov
Aug 26 2016 18:25
Are there any guidelines about scaling out the Streams processing to multiple nodes?
Marc Piechura
Aug 26 2016 18:39
@aaronontheweb is rewriting the web crawler example including the usage of streams
Akka streams doesn't provide anything to automatically scale out to multiple nodes, you need to run a stream on every node and distribute the work as normal with Akka cluster
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 26 2016 20:27
@mikhailshilkov akka.streams is highly optimized for single node - you can create a stream of streams spanning onto multiple nodes by creating publisher-subscriber actors and connection endpoints between nodes. On the JVM you've got something like project gearpump which allows to span them automatically, but it's out of the current scope