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Oct 2016
Roger Johansson
Oct 19 2016 15:08 UTC
I'm trying to wrap my head around streams. Source.Repeat(1).Take(1000); this is only the definition of the source, right?
and the Sink is what will be applied over the source, inside the materializer?
Vagif Abilov
Oct 19 2016 15:09 UTC
Yepp. E.g. Source.To(sink).Run(materializer)
var source = Source.From(Enumerable.Range(11, 3));
var sink = Sink.ForEach<int>(Console.WriteLine);
var runnable = source.To(sink);
Marc Piechura
Oct 19 2016 16:25 UTC
Until you call Run you only have a blueprint of your stream/graph which can be reused multiple times. When you call Run the materializer creates and connects the actors that are needed for this blueprint and actually runs the stream
Roger Johansson
Oct 19 2016 18:55 UTC
and a graph is many streams and/or other graphs?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 19 2016 19:09 UTC
@rogeralsing it's more like a stream is a specific kind of graph ;)
Roger Johansson
Oct 19 2016 20:03 UTC