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Oct 2016
Sean Farrow
Oct 24 2016 05:08
ARe there any pointers as to how to convert an IObservable<T> to a publisher? I know there is code within the Java world to do this.
Marc Piechura
Oct 24 2016 18:32
@SeanFarrow have you looked at the jvm if there are any streams implementations for Redis?
Marc Piechura
Oct 24 2016 18:41
Also you may want to look at my Azure eventhub source implementation, it may give you a starting point how you can write your source for Redis
It is materialized into an IEventHubProcessor which is called from the EventHubClient
Take a look at the examples for an example ;)
Marc Piechura
Oct 24 2016 18:50

Regarding RX adapter, reactor has implemented some, you can take a look at these methods as starting point

And we would appreciate if someone would build something similar for streams ;-)

IFlux is a simple wrapper for IPublisher as you can see here