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Jun 2017
Sean Farrow
Jun 05 2017 12:38
What is the way of logging in a GraphStageLogic?
Marc Piechura
Jun 05 2017 12:48
@SeanFarrow you need to use the nightly builds to get access to the Log property I've implemented a few weeks ago
Sean Farrow
Jun 05 2017 13:26
Thanks, will this be in 1.3?
Marc Piechura
Jun 05 2017 13:27
Marc Piechura
Jun 05 2017 13:55
@SeanFarrow sorry, the nightly's are build from the dev branch but my PR was already targeting the v1.3 branch, so you either need to compile the v1.3 branch locally or wait for the next release
Sean Farrow
Jun 05 2017 19:39
What is the best way of converting the following case class to scala?
sealed abstract class AttributeName(val name: String)
case object All extends AttributeName("All")
case object Policy extends AttributeName("Policy")
case object VisibilityTimeout extends AttributeName("VisibilityTimeout")
case object MaximumMessageSize extends AttributeName("MaximumMessageSize")
case object MessageRetentionPeriod extends AttributeName("MessageRetentionPeriod")
case object ApproximateNumberOfMessages extends AttributeName("ApproximateNumberOfMessages")
case object ApproximateNumberOfMessagesNotVisible extends AttributeName("ApproximateNumberOfMessagesNotVisible")
case object CreatedTimestamp extends AttributeName("CreatedTimestamp")
case object LastModifiedTimestamp extends AttributeName("LastModifiedTimestamp")
case object QueueArn extends AttributeName("QueueArn")
case object ApproximateNumberOfMessagesDelayed extends AttributeName("ApproximateNumberOfMessagesDelayed")
case object DelaySeconds extends AttributeName("DelaySeconds")
case object ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds extends AttributeName("ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds")
case object RedrivePolicy extends AttributeName("RedrivePolicy")
case object FifoQueue extends AttributeName("FifoQueue")
case object ContentBasedDeduplication extends AttributeName("ContentBasedDeduplication")
case object KmsMasterKeyId extends AttributeName("KmsMasterKeyId")
case object KmsDataKeyReusePeriodSeconds extends AttributeName("KmsDataKeyReusePeriodSeconds")