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Jul 2018
Jul 16 2018 16:34
Hey guys, I am looking into the Alpakka AMQP streams connector. Is there a reason RabbitMq package is used, and not the amqpnetlite package from the azure git? If I am correct it is AMQP version 0.9 vs AMQP version 1.0, I don't know the impact and I understand RabbitMq is the most popular choice at this moment, but azure service bus for example implements 1.0 as well. Just curious.
Jul 16 2018 18:26
@AndreSteenbergen its used because is port of the jvm amqp connector
you're free to implement conenctor based on AMQP 1.0
AMQP 0.9 and 1.0 are totally different
Jul 16 2018 18:29
Will do