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Aug 2018
Aug 13 2018 17:53
I am trying to extend the Kafka stream extension, but I am having a small doubt how to provide the events for the partitionEOF.
I think the ISubscription interface would be nice to extend with an eventhandler, what do you think?
Besides that, when I provide a ISubscription myself in my own class the current kafka extension won't do anything, because of this part of the code:
        switch (_subscription)
            case TopicSubscription ts:
            case Assignment a:
            case AssignmentWithOffset awo:
if I create my own implementation of a subscription, the consumer will never get any partition assigned to it. ...
Aug 13 2018 20:10
I am going to create a Pull Request for Kafka streams extension; changing the interface, assigning a consumer should be done differently imho; and adding an eof reached to the subsription.