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Sep 2018
Arthur A
Sep 14 2018 14:17
Hi all, I have a question regarding tests. I'm testing a graph with async stages and a certain degree of parallelism. I emit messages using TestSubscriber.Probe<T>. I have problem because the order of delivery of messages is not guaranteed and my tests are flacky. To fix that I had Thread.sleep(100) whenever I need to make sure the messages I've just injected need to be processed by the whole graph. But I was wondering if there was a proper way to do that (a way so say: wait until this graph is done processing)
Thomas Lazar
Sep 14 2018 19:36
hi there. i wanted to ask if there's like actual source code somewhere for the stuff that's talked about in the streams documentation on the site? like this reactive tweets example. i'm currently trying to get my head around the whole akka streams subject but i'm not finding the documentation very helpful.