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Sep 2018
Arthur A
Sep 17 2018 07:43 UTC
@marcpiechura I understand your point but let's imagine I have this shape that enrich incoming data using settings:
FanInShape2<Settings, Data, EnrichedDataBasedOnSettings>
And I create many of them to run them in parallel, because the enrichment of data takes some time.
I Broadcast Settings to each instance, and I Balance the Data.
At the begining of the test I send a lot of Settings, but nothing comes out, as I only receive data when there a Data coming in.
When I'm done sending all the settings I would like to have a way to say: "Fine, every instance has received its settings, start sending the data"
And that's for test. In real life we don't have this problem, or if data comes before the settings, that's too bad but we don't care.
Arthur A
Sep 17 2018 13:26 UTC
I've just realized that this is the akkadotnet chat room. I'm using java, I'm probably in the wrong place. But as far as I can tell, there's no plain AkkStream chat.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 17 2018 14:27 UTC
@arthurandres akka/akka is general channel, but you can ask all sorts of questions there
Arthur A
Sep 17 2018 15:05 UTC