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Sep 2018
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 20 2018 06:16
@vasily-kirichenko no, they don't have it - it's not even possible to get EOF using JVM driver.
all they do is to get the max offset for given TopicPartition
they rationale is that you should not be relying on such thing as "end" when it comes to event log (cause it's continuous and never "ends"), if you do, then there's quite probably an issue in your application logic
on the other side akka-streams-eventsourcing produces a special event when your stream has "recovered" before emitting further - sometimes it's necessary to know which point you reached last time before continuing - they do this by asking for max known offset, and once replayed events reach it, they emit that Recovered element
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 20 2018 06:24
@marcpiechura I just got crazy idea for Skip(n) - what if we could provide that N+bufferSize as initial demand? I haven't checked if it's not already there, but idea seems to be legit.
Marc Piechura
Sep 20 2018 07:16
@Horusiath what’s so crazy about it ? It sounds actually quite right ;-)even though I don’t see what big benefit it would have compared to immediately send next demand after receiving an element
Sep 20 2018 13:31
"all they do is to get the max offset for given TopicPartition" If I knew how to do that, I wouldn't need the eof message. I just can't seem to get that value.